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Husker charged for punching MU fan

Columbia Daily Tribune (MO)
January 7, 2004
Husker charged for punching MU fan
of the Tribune’s staff
Article Text:
While Nebraska searches for its next foot
ball coach, a Cornhusker player and Missouri
fan seek the end to an ugly episode th
at occurred on Faurot Field last fall.
Nebraska football player Kellen Huston
was charged yesterday by the Boone County
prosecutor’s office for punching Matthew Scott on the field after Missouri’s 41-24 win
over the Cornhuskers on Oct. 11. Huston, Ne
braska’s junior holder and backup
cornerback, struck 21-year-old Scott of Lee’s
Summit in the face as fans rushed the field.
At least two TV stations capture
d the incident on videotape.
Huston’s attorney, Milt Harper of Columbia, wa
s expected to appear for Huston in court
this afternoon to plead guilty to peace disturbance by fighting, a misdemeanor offense.
The misdemeanor is punishable by one day to si
x months in jail, a fine of $1 to $500, or
both. Boone County Assistant Prosecutor Rich
ard Hicks said today that he would
recommend the maximum fine of $500.
Scott’s attorney, John Picerno of Kansas Cit
y, said Scott could have sought a more
serious charge.
“Typically, you’d see someone charged with
assault with what took place, and we
certainly think it was a case of assault,”
Picerno said. “We’re trying to negotiate a
settlement on the civil matter and get all of
these things behind both of these kids.
“My client didn’t have any complete animosity or anger toward this guy where we wanted
to see him be incarcerated for what took place.
We don’t have a problem with what he’s
been charged with.”
The case was transferred from the city pros
ecutor’s office to the county’s six to eight
weeks ago, Hicks said, after the
city determined Scott’s injuries were more serious than
originally determined. But Hicks said the in
juries were never deemed serious enough to
warrant felony charges. Plus, Hicks said, th
e context of the postgame melee on Faurot
Field was taken into account.
“Our office never seriously considered
filing it as a fel
ony,” Hicks said.
As for the civil case, Picerno said he is ne
gotiating a settlement with Huston’s attorneys
and counsel from the University of Nebraska
. Scott required surgery for a fractured nasal
passage and deviated septum, Picerno said, and
some of his teeth were loosened. Scott is
seeking compensation for medical costs, pain
and suffering and special damages. Picerno
is still gathering medical billing
records to determine a figure.
Last week, Scott and other MU fans were tick
eted by the city for trespassing on the field –
a charge that bothered Picerno.
“He was told by the authorities down there wh
en it happened initially that he would not
be ticketed,” Picerno said.
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