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Illegal Drugs vs. Legal Drugs

illegal drugs

illegal drugsDrug possession arrests are very common in the state of Missouri. This is generally based on significant availability and zealous officers who are always eager to apprehend anyone involved in drug activity. Illegal search and seizure cases are also common when an experienced criminal defense attorney can inspect the evidence being used to prosecute and question admissibility. Even a minor detail such as having a prescribed medication in an unapproved container is technically criminal activity, and many officers will still make the arrest even though a suspect has a valid active prescription issued by a doctor. Even with no intent to break the law, defendants are still compelled to court for an explanation of why the medications were not strictly stored according to the law. This is a prime example of how serious Missouri prosecutors are about filing criminal drug charges, and also why having an aggressive and experienced Kansas City criminal lawyer representing a case is imperative.

Legal Drugs

There is a significant class of medications that are allowed by law under the direction of a doctor. However, many of these controlled substances are still illegal to possess for the typical individuals who are not under medical direction. Charges that involve even small quantities of these targeted medications can result in felony charges that can impact a defendant’s life for many years, including a potential jail term. Even though certain medications are acceptable for some does not mean prosecutors are not still aggressive in criminal pursuit.

Illegal Drugs

There are also several popular controlled substances that are not legal in any form, making them completely contraband chemicals. Those drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • LSD and MDA

Even minor possession of any of these substances can be prosecuted as a felony as well, meaning that every defendant will need solid representation from a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer who can evaluate the validity of all articles of evidence.

Contact an Experienced Kansas City Criminal Lawyer

Anyone arrested in Missouri on drug charges of any level should contact Kansas City criminal defense lawyer John Anthony Picerno for a full case evaluation. It is always an investment in life to defend a criminal charge.