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Plea Bargain: What is It?

plea bargain

Many common legal terms are familiar to the general public. One of the most familiar legal terms is perhaps the plea bargain. Simply put, a plea bargain is an agreement between the person being charged with a crime and law enforcement officials. A person may agree to plead guilty to a crime or agree to plead no contest. In turn, the prosecutor may agree to certain terms that are favorable to the person. For example, if someone pleads guilty to a certain drug charge such as ownership of certain paraphernalia, the prosecutor may offer them a reduced sentence and the opportunity to get a recommendation for early parole so they can get on with their lives more easily. When deciding on a plea bargain, it’s best to have a MO Kansas City criminal defense attorney such as John A. Picerno at your side during the entire process.

Experienced Help

Pleading guilty to a crime can have all sorts of consequences. For example, a guilty plea may prevent the person from certain professions or may lead to their inability to access certain services such as public housing. A Kansas City criminal defense attorney can help the person understand exactly what’s involved in such a plea. Should someone, for example, hold a professional license that they use in order to earn a living, the criminal defense attorney in KC MO can help them determine what happens under the terms of a plea deal.

When and If 

Working with a skilled attorney such as John A. Picerno offers the expert advice people need. He can help the person determine if they should consider a plea deal in the first place. He may point out the client has other, better options. He can also help the client determine if the terms being offered are fair and comparable to similar cases in the past. The client can also work with him to see if they can get a better plea deal instead. In short, he offers the kind of truly expert advice all his clients need to get best deal and results for your crime