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Suspect Sent to Hospital, thinks the photos were “doctored,” said her attorney, John Picerno.

Suspect sent to hospital
PUBLICATION: Kansas City Star, The (MO)


DATE: February 7, 2006

Page: B4
A mental health expert showed Sonia Galindo autopsy photos of her ex-boyfriend, whom she is accused of killing last year, in an effort to prove the victim was dead.

But Galindo, 26, didn’t believe her eyes, according to a mental health examination report filed last week in Jackson County Circuit Court. Galindo thinks the photos were “doctored,” said her attorney, John Picerno.

The state’s expert, Stephen A. Jackson, concluded that Galindo was not competent to stand trial.

“The defendant consistently and adamantly denied that the victim of the … offense was, in fact, dead,” Jackson wrote.

A Jackson County Circuit Court judge on Friday ordered Galindo to a state mental hospital. She will remain there until she is competent to stand trial. The judge requested a progress report in six months.

Jackson’s report concerned only Galindo’s current mental health and not whether she suffered any mental conditions at the time of the killing. That will be decided later.

Galindo, a former nursing student, is accused of fatally shooting Alex Gladkov in front of his downtown Kansas City loft Oct. 28. Prosecutors charged her with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

A psychiatrist and psychologist hired by the defense examined Galindo in the days and weeks after the killing.

The psychiatrist concluded that she had suffered a major depressive episode, with psychotic features, and was “in massive denial” and that her “contact with reality was fragile and tenuous.”

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