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Excessive Use of Force Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Excessive use of force by law enforcement officers has become a central concern for many citizens and advocacy groups alike. Situations that should be resolved peacefully too often escalate into violent confrontations, leading to unnecessary harm or even loss of life. However, citizens deserve to understand the ramifications of excessive force and how they can seek justice with the help of an attorney.  

Understanding your rights and the legal protections available is the first step toward fostering accountability and ensuring such incidents are properly addressed. 

At my firm, JPLaw, I am dedicated to defending the rights of individuals across Kansas City, Missouri, including regions such as Independence, Liberty, Blue Springs, Clay County, and Jackson County.

With experience and passion for helping individuals facing issues of criminal defense, civil rights, and federal criminal defense, my focus on justice is unwavering, particularly for those who have been victims of excessive use of force.  

If you or someone you know has been subjected to excessive use of force by law enforcement, reach out to me for a free consultation. My commitment is to ensure that your voice is heard and that you receive the legal representation you deserve. 

Understanding Excessive Use of Force

Excessive force refers to situations where law enforcement officers exceed the necessary amount of force to apprehend suspects or manage situations. Both federal and state laws—including the Bill of Rights, 13th and 14th Amendments, and The Civil Rights Act of 1964, alongside Missouri State Laws—help classify and address such scenarios. 

Some scenarios include: 

Discharging a weapon in situations where there is no immediate threat to the officer's life or the lives of others. 

Applying more physical restraint than is necessary for the situation, leading to potential harm or discomfort beyond what is required for control. 

Using TASERS on individuals who are already restrained or pose no immediate threat or employing TASERS repeatedly beyond what is necessary for compliance. 

Striking individuals with batons, fists, or other objects when they are not actively resisting or when such force is not necessary for the situation. 

Applying chokeholds or neck restraints, especially in jurisdictions where such methods are banned or considered dangerous. 

Employing tear gas, pepper spray, or other chemical agents in situations where such force is not warranted, especially against peaceful protestors or in confined spaces. 

Given the severe implications and rights violations involved in cases of excessive force, seeking the support of an attorney is critical for upholding justice and enforcing accountability. 

The Impact on Victims

The consequences of excessive force extend beyond physical injuries, often leaving deep emotional scars on victims. The trauma associated with such encounters can affect every facet of an individual's life—eroding trust in law enforcement, causing fear, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

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What to Do When You Believe Your Rights Have Been Violated

If you suspect your rights have been violated through excessive use of force in Kansas City, Missouri, protect your rights and seek justice. Here are the key steps you should consider: 

Document everything: Keep detailed records of the incident, including dates, times, locations, and any interactions with law enforcement officers. Photographic evidence and medical records of injuries can also support your case. 

Seek medical attention: Prioritize your health and well-being by getting medical treatment for any injuries sustained. This not only ensures your health but also provides an official record of the injuries, which can be vital evidence. 

Report the incident: File a formal complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agency's internal affairs division. Although this can be daunting, it is a necessary step towards holding the responsible parties accountable. 

Contact an attorney: Consult with an experienced excessive use of force attorney like me who can guide you through the legal process and advocate on your behalf. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you understand your rights, evaluate the strength of your case, and determine the best course of action. 

Collect witness statements: If there were any witnesses to the incident, collect their contact information and ask for their statements. Witness testimonies can strengthen your case significantly. 

Avoid public statements: Be cautious about making public statements or posting on social media about the incident, as these could impact your legal case. Consult with me before sharing any details publicly. 

Taking these steps can be essential in protecting your rights and ensuring you have the necessary support to seek justice for violations of those rights. 

The Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel

As a reputable and seasoned excessive use of force attorney, I provide experienced guidance, helping victims understand their rights. I also prepare the case and advocate in court. 

When choosing an attorney, look for someone with a demonstrable track record, along with a deep understanding and empathy for the victims' situation. 

I, John Anthony Picerno, have been at the forefront of this fight, advocating for the rights of those subjected to excessive force. With years of experience, a deep-seated commitment to civil rights, and an extensive track record that includes handling cases of wrongful death and police brutality, I am a vital ally for those seeking to challenge injustices. 

Excessive Use of Force Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

If you believe your rights have been violated, reaching out to a civil rights lawyer is your first step toward healing and vindication. Remember, taking legal action is not just about personal redress but about contributing to the larger cause of justice and accountability. Your courage can pave the way for a future where excessive force ends. Contact me today. Your fight for justice is not one you have to undertake alone.