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White Collar Crimes Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

White collar crime is an issue that many may think involves crimes that are not that serious when it comes to the punishments that are related to them. Simply put, that could not be further from the truth, and if you’ve been arrested and charged with a white collar crime in Missouri, you no doubt fully understand that reality. If you’re facing a legal problem that involves white collar crime, you need to contact Attorney

John Anthony Picerno immediately for a full consultation, as you do have rights that need to be enforced.
Below are just a few of the many white collar crime issues Attorney Picerno handles:

Fraud Laws in Missouri

Fraud in Missouri can involve many acts and omissions. Fraud can include fraudulent business practices, defrauding creditors, false and bait advertising, telephone service fraud, fraudulently stopping payment on a check and many other things. Defined in its most basic form, fraud is acting dishonestly to the detriment of another party, and the Missouri statutes deal with fraud on different levels when it comes to punishment. The range of penalties for different levels of fraud convictions can be as minor as a misdemeanor and go all the way up to a Class A felony.

Missouri Statutes on Embezzlement

Embezzlement is defined by the Missouri statutes as, “the fraudulent appropriation by a person to his own use or benefit of property or money entrusted to him by another.” Like fraud, this can involve many different acts and omissions, but embezzlement can also be prosecuted on a federal level if any of the misappropriations crossed state lines. Embezzlement is also almost always a felony, and carries significant potential prison terms depending on the facts of the situation.

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Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is a relatively new criminal charge, and can involve two different sets of parties. Fraud charges can be brought against a healthcare provider if it deceived its patients, over-billed for work, ordered unnecessary work and the like. Patients can also be charged with healthcare fraud for any act deemed to be dishonest and done for the goal of some sort of financial gain. Healthcare fraud is also an issue that’s been prosecuted aggressively on a federal level.

Mortgage Fraud

As is the case with healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud charges can be brought against either the lender or the borrower. In terms of the lender, companies or agents can be charged for several reasons, including charging usury interest rates, placing “surprise” elements into a mortgage note or otherwise misleading borrowers. The borrower can be charged for falsifying records in order to obtain a mortgage or for many other abuses. Again, like healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud can be prosecuted on either a state or a federal level, and the potential fines and penalties are quite severe.