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1st, 2nd and 3rd degree murder, what are the differences?


murderA murder charge is arguably the most serious crime that anyone can commit and thus be charged with. However, if you have been charged with murder, it is important to contact a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer right away. An experienced lawyer will be able to see what your options are and ensure the best outcome possible in your specific case.

There are different degrees of murder, with first degree murder being the most serious. There are clear differences between first, second, and third degree murder. First degree murder is any murder that is premediated and done willfully with malice. If a person is involved in a dangerous crime that ends up resulting in a death, they can be charged with first degree murder as well. Second degree murder is a murder that was intentional and done with malice, but it was not planned or premeditated. Third degree murder, also often called voluntary manslaughter, is a murder that is intentional but was done under circumstances that can be argued to be severe enough that they would have caused any reasonable person to become disturbed enough to commit such an act. Second and third degree murder can be distinguished by the circumstances surrounding the act a lot of the time; for example, if someone kills another person in a spur of the moment fight, that would typically constitute second degree murder, but if the person who was killed in the fight had murdered a loved one of the killer, that would likely be considered third degree murder. In any of these cases, it is always a good idea to contact a knowledgeable Kansas City MO criminal lawyer.

If you are facing a murder charge, whether it be first, second, or third degree in Kansas City, Missouri, you need a criminal defense attorney to help you build your defense. Whether you are trying to prove that you are innocent or reduce your charge to a lesser murder charge, you will certainly need the help and expertise of a Kansas City criminal lawyer like John Anthony Picerno to be able to fight your case in a courtroom for the best possible