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Top Drug Crimes in Missouri

drug crimes

drug crimesThe geographical positioning that Missouri enjoys can be an asset in some respects and a disadvantage in others. One of the disadvantages of being located in the heartland of the United States is the fact that it makes Missouri an optimum point of distribution for organized criminal drug dealers who want access to many areas north and east of the state. St. Louis and Kansas City are also in-state urban areas where drug traffic is more common that most residents realize. However, much of Missouri is rural, so even marijuana growers find Missouri as an attractive place to manufacture marijuana locally. This combination of significantly sized urban areas and rural access means that the drug crimes in Missouri cross many different types of drugs, including legally controlled substances often prescribed by doctors.

Drug charges are serious and complicated, which is why you should contact an experienced criminal attorney KC MO if you are charged with a drug crime.

1. Marijuana Crimes
Marijuana possession is easily the most common drug crime in the state, and convictions range from a simple one gram charge to prosecution for hundreds of pounds of the product. Simple possession convictions are typically fine and potential short-term incarceration, but those found guilty of major trafficking are given significant prison sentences in most instances consistent with the class of felony associated with the charges.

2. Methamphetamine Crimes
Methamphetamine crimes have seen a steep increase over the past ten years in Missouri, as the problem has infiltrated much of the U.S. rural regions. Charges regularly include trafficking in both large and small amounts of the substance that can be manufactured locally or distributed by large drug cartels from outside the country. State Law enforcement officials are very serious about prosecuting anyone receiving a meth charge, regardless of amount of the drug, and convictions can carry a one-year sentence at a minimum.

3. Opioid Crimes
The national focus on opioid problems in the U.S. have roots in every state. The problem with opioid charges is that some people can use them under a doctor’s supervision while others cannot. The common knowledge of opioids and how they can affect the body means that many drug dealers find this type of drug trafficking to be easier and more profitable. But, the new focus means that police nationwide will be zeroed in on these cases, which will assuredly lead to enhanced sentencing, including heroin and cocaine as well.

Contact a Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney

All residents of Missouri should realize the serious nature a drug charge and always retain an experienced Kansas City drug lawyer like John Anthony Picerno. If you or someone you know is facing drug charges, do not hesitated to get professional help. You need a knowledgeable attorney on your side, who knows how to handle your specific case.