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How Drugs Affect Your Driving

drugged driving

drugged drivingDriving under the influence isn’t illegal because Kansas City lawmakers want to crack down on drug use. It’s illegal because drugs impair your body and your mind, and they slow your reaction time. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs is one of the most reckless, careless, and dangerous things any driver can do. It’s not only foolish, it’s potentially deadly.

How is My Driving Affected By Drug Use? 

Your driving skills are affected in every capacity. Your mind doesn’t work as quickly, which slows your reaction time. Your vision is affected, your hearing is affected, and your other cognitive functions are affected. You become slower, more confused, and unable to process information as quickly. For example, a sober driver who sees a person in the middle of the road is able to quickly react and potentially avoid hitting someone. A person under the influence of drugs uses valuable seconds of their time to process this information, which can make it too late to react.

What Drugs Affect Me? 

Do not allow yourself to mistakenly believe it’s only illegal drugs that affect your cognitive abilities. Your prescription drugs also affect your ability to drive. Even marijuana, which is legal in some states for recreational use as well as medical use, affects your mind. All drugs alter your ability to drive, which is why they are all dangerous.

Contact An Attorney 

If you’ve been involved in an accident or arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, you want to contact a Kansas City MO criminal lawyer right away. A Kansas City criminal defense lawyer like John Anthony Picerno has the experience to handle your DUI case. Most people are unfamiliar with the legalities of being arrested and charged with a drug crime, but an attorney can help you decipher legal meanings, help you plead, and appear in court on your behalf. You want an attorney on your side in this matter, and that’s why you must utilize your right to legal defense right away to assist you in court.