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What are the consequences of drug charges?

drug charges

drug chargesDrug charges can have a major impact on the life of any individual. It does not matter if the charge is minor or major in many respects because drug charges also carry a specific stigma that can be perceived by even being arrested. Drug charge arrests are typically reported immediately to local media outlets as though the defendant is automatically guilty, and making the news cycle can be accomplished easily with even without being arrested for legacy drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and banned substances. Mere association with drug users can even be problematic in some cases. Prosecutors in Missouri are also always serious when prosecuting even a simple drug case, which can still result in a jail term and a significant fine. These potential outcomes are exactly why it is important to retain a Kansas City criminal defense attorney anytime a defendant is facing any drug charge.


Fines and incarceration terms resulting from drug charges can range widely from as little as 30 days for conviction for small amounts to several years in a state prison for trafficking in a major quantity of any substance, including marijuana. While marijuana laws are changing across the nation that is not happening in Missouri where lawmakers understand the geographical location makes the state an excellent distribution avenue for major quantities of drugs going to the northeast region from Mexico. Prosecutors in Missouri are serious about drug cases, and drug case defendants should have a serious drug charge lawyer.

Employment and Housing

Another outlying consequence of a drug conviction can be denial of employment and certain government benefits, including housing. Although an individual may qualify financially for governmental rental housing assistance, the facility management officials still have the authority to deny housing based on criminal histories. Many employers that offer significant wages are not allowed by law to have convicted felons working with their operation, not to mention the fact that employers can review criminal histories as well when considering any applicant for any position. Drug convictions can produce both scenarios, making defending a drug charge an investment in the future as much as in personal freedom.

Contact a Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney

Never accept the concept that a drug case cannot be modified or dismissed when evidence is questionable. Always call an experienced and results-driven drug charge attorney like John Anthony Picerno in Kansas City who has an excellent track record of defending his clients aggressively.