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Drugged Driving: More Dangerous than Drunk Driving?

drugged driving

A new report is indicating that drivers are crashing their cars and being involved in fatal accidents because of drugged driving, rather than driving drunk.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and the Governors Highway Safety Association recently released a study indicating that drivers involved in fatal crashes were testing at 43% to have illegal drugs in their system and at 37% to have alcohol exceeding the legal limit.

Concerns Regarding Drugged Driving 

With more states legalizing marijuana, these organizations are reporting that there’s an escalated concern focusing on drug-impaired driving. They also made note of the increase in the opioid epidemic, as well as the increase in fatalities associated with drug overdoses.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming common for impaired drivers to combine two or more substances. The result is on the driver’s impairment takes on a dangerous multiplicative effect.

DUI Charges 

Just because drivers aren’t “drunk” while they’re operating their vehicles, they can still face DUI charges when drugged driving. This kind of driving still causes impairment, especially when the driver is using more than one substance. In the state of Missouri, DUI arrests come with harsh penalties that you’ll need help fighting with the help of an experienced DUI Attorney in KC MO.

Obtaining a DUI Attorney in KC MO 

Those who have been stopped for DUI and it resulted in an arrest for drugged driving, it’s critical that you obtain a reputable criminal defense KC MO. Hiring John A. Picerno is your first step because he is a DUI lawyer KC MO that will put your criminal defense case together in a worry-free manner. Not only will you be able to experience peace of mind, but you can be sure that John A. Picerno will be working hard for you and in accordance with the law.