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Commentary by John

Extradition of man who allegedly killed his sons could take weeks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It will likely be weeks before the man accused of killing his sons and abducting his daughters is returned to Kansas. Donald Jackson, Jr. is behind bars in an Oklahoma jail after state troopers pulled him over and took him into custody Saturday night. Jackson is accused of killing his two […]

KC attorney breaks down ‘no-knock warrants’

“No-knock warrants,” which played a role in the March shooting death of Louisville EMS worker Breonna Taylor, are legal in Missouri and Kansas. And they can be an important tool for law enforcement, according to one local attorney. By: Caitlin Knute Posted at 11:29 PM, Sep 23, 2020 https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/kc-attorney-breaks-down-no-knock-warrants KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “No-knock warrants,” […]

KCPD employee who allegedly claimed to be officer, left accident scene, works in IT

By Glenn E. Rice February 25, 2020 05:48 PM KCPD employee allegedly claimed to be an officer, left scene of crash Victoria Russell says she was in a minor car wreck in December with a Kansas City Police Department employee who falsely claimed to be an officer and left the scene. Russell has filed a […]

Deputy faces charges for shooting someone in the back. It’s not her first shooting.

By Glenn E. Rice and Katie Bernard October 09, 2019 01:49 PM Update: After the charges were announced, the family of a man shot and killed by the deputy in 2017 said they want a new look at their case. That story is posted here. A Jackson County sheriff’s deputy was charged with assault Wednesday […]

KC-area teens didn’t pull the trigger but are charged with murder. Is that justice?

By Luke Nozicka Updated September 22, 2019 05:00 AM Johnson County District Attorney Stephen M. Howe discusses the felony murder rule and how his office uses it. The law gives prosecutors the power to charge people with murder who have committed felonies but never actually killed. By Tammy Ljungblad | Luke Nozicka Up Next Current […]

Overland Park mom upset teen accused of killing her son will be released on house arrest

Updated: 10:27 PM, Sep 03, 2019 By: Ariel Rothfield OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A Johnson County teenager charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of another teenager earlier this year in Overland Park will be put on house arrest as she awaits trial. The 17-year-old girl is charged with murder in connection with the […]

For KCPD officer, charges didn’t mean arrest or mugshot. Did he get a special break? | The Kansas City Star

For KCPD officer, charges didn’t mean arrest or mugshot. Did he get a special break? By Glenn E. Rice July 30, 2019 05:00 AM, Updated July 30, 2019 10:00 AM Fatal wreck on Interstate 435 near Stadium Drive: What happened On Oct. 21, 2018, a Kansas City police van slammed into three vehicles, killing 17-year-old […]

law enforcement mistakes

Most Common Mistakes By Law Enforcement

While most police officers are professional and handle their duties correctly, there are times when mistakes are made when arresting an individual. Whether this is due to simply forgetting how the law pertains to a situation, or perhaps an officer attempts to take shortcuts not allowed by the law, the fact is when a mistake […]

What impact could Schlitterbahn jury decision have on future cases?

KSHB  Tom Dempsey 10:29 PM, Oct 18, 2018 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A jury on Thursday found two former Schlitterbahn employees not guilty of lying to investigators in the 2016 death of a 10-year-old boy on the Verruckt water slide. The case against David Hughes and John Zalsman was the first one involving current and […]

Man sentenced to 80 years for KC burglary walks free on Greitens’ final day

By Max Londberg,  jlondberg@kcstar.com Updated June 03, 2018 03:10 PM Alvis Williams was sentenced to 80 years in prison after a nonviolent incident in Kansas City. He was convicted of stealing a VCR, a Walkman and other electronics in 1994. The 48-year-old has been in prison ever since on what law experts deemed a sentence […]