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4 the People: Strange Moves in Ex-KCPD Officer’s Appeal

Heidi Schmidt

An unusual move by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey surprised many of the people he was appointed to support.The move complicates an already complicated case involving a former Kansas City police officer and the shooting death of a Black man.

In 2021, a Jackson County judge found officer Eric DeValkenaere guilty of second-degree involuntary manslaughter in the death of Cameron Lamb. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

On appeal, the Missouri Attorney General, technically representing the state and Jackson County Prosecutors, filed a brief last week that supports DeValkenaere. The brief argues the former cop’s conviction should either be overturned, or he should receive a new trial. 4 The People: Kansas City manager reflects while looking ahead

Criminal attorney John Picerno joins FOX4’s John Holt to discuss what the AGs move means.“I’ve never seen anything like it in 30 years of practice,” Picerno said.


Criminal defendants who lose at trial appeal their cases and in every other case I’ve ever seen over the last 30 years the Attorney General jumps in and defends the state of Missouri, in other words, backs the prosecuting attorney and the prosecution of the case, against the defendant trying to set aside his conviction.”

AG Bailey sought six continuances before filing his brief, making the prosecutor’s office brace for the unusual news. The office filed a motion that would allow the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office to file their own brief. It effectively means the prosecutor will take care of her own appeal.“That’s strange in and of itself. That’s what the Attorney General is for, one would think logically, to back up the prosecutor and the prosecutor’s conviction,” Picerno said.

Watch Picerno’s full explanation of how odd this case and appeal is in the video player.


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