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Kansas City Man Accused of Murder, Assault Unfit to Proceed to Trial

Sherae Honeycutt

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City, Missouri man accused of killing one person and shooting another is found unfit to proceed to trial. In July of 2019, FOX4 told you about Albert Mangini. He’s charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault, armed criminal action, and unlawful possession of a firearm. The charges are in two separate cases one day apart.

Tracy Jones has been praying for justice in her son, Travon’s murder case. “I had him and his brother at a very young age,” Jones said. Day before murder charge in another case, man accused of shooting at 39th and Paseo. Jones said her son was her best friend. Kansas City man accused of murder, assault unfit to proceed to trial. “Me and him we were homeless for six years together and I never hid anything from my kids. I always taught them there are rough patches in our lives,” Jones said. She said he was passionate about helping homeless people. He spent time at the McDonalds at 31st and Van Brunt buying them food. That’s where police say he ran into Albert Mangini on July 8, 2019. “Albert Mangini just got off the bus, walked over to where Travon was. He walked over to where Travon was and shot him in the back of the head for no reason,” Jones said.

Police said the day before Mangini also shot a man in the stomach at 39th and Troost. He allegedly tried to rob a man of his backpack. The victim told police he ran into him again on his walk home and Mangini shot him. He survived but suffered a laceration to his liver. After Mangini allegedly killed Jones he forced his way into the car of a person at the McDonalds and had them drive off. Parents of KC murder victim starting nonprofit to carry on son’s mission to help homeless

“He told the person when he got in that car…. That he was a hitman. That he just did a sloppy hit,” Jones said.

Police were able to trail the car and arrest Mangini. In both cases, Mangini is currently deemed mentally unfit to proceed. Jones said after three years, her son may never get justice. “Albert Mangini robbed me of that. I’ll never get to see my son walk a girl down the aisle. I’ll never get to hold my son’s grandbabies,” Jones said.

Criminal defense attorney John Picerno said in cases like this some defendants never go to trial. “The person has the right to have their day in court, but they have to be competent before they can proceed,” Picerno said. That means every six months Mangini has to check in with a judge to see if his cases are able to proceed. She said she will never give up and prays one day justice will come.

“When Albert took him from me he didn’t just take my child. He took a part of my heart I’ll never get back,” Jones said.

Mangini is schedule to be back in court for both cases on June 6.

Jones said she would like to connect with the victim in Mangini’s case but hasn’t had the opportunity and doesn’t know who they are.