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Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Lawyer Says Phone Call Proves Parents Innocence

Ivana Kvesic, Christian

John Picerno, a local Kansas City lawyer representing the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin, suggests that he has evidence that proves Lisa’s parents are indeed innocent and have no connection to the case of their missing daughter.

The evidence Picerno is pointing to concerns a phone call from one of the three Irwin-Bradley cell phones that also vanished the night baby Lisa went missing.

Picerno told Fox News on Saturday that one of the missing cell phones called the number of a woman the couple does not know at 11:57 p.m. on the evening Lisa went missing.

The call was made to Megan Wright, however, Wright has denied answering the call from the Bradley-Irwin cell phone and insists that she cannot explain the phone call. “The cell phone call that night is important evidence,” Picerno said. “What it tells you is our clients are telling the truth.” Picerno also added that whoever had access to the missing cell phones also attempted to use the Internet and access the voicemail to the phone the same evening Lisa was discovered missing.

With the mysterious case taking several twists and turns, Kansas City police speculate that someone knows something about what happened to the missing girl. Police have followed more than 1,000 leads but have yet to recover the missing child.

Early on in the case, Kansas City Police spokesman Steve Young said he believes that somebody in the community knows what happened to the missing child.

Bob Lowery, an expert at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, has echoed the same sentiments.

“Someone out there knows what happened to baby Lisa. Someone could have seen something and is reluctant to call police. That person needs to come forward and share that with the Kansas City Police Department,” Lowery told The Washington Post.

“Hardly ever has there been a scenario like this where someone doesn’t know,” he added.

Statistics show that child abductions are extremely rare, however, Picerno believes that the numbers are not telling because if an abduction has happened once before it could happen again.